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Patanjali Divya Mukta Vati Extra Power Tablets

Swami Ramdev Mukta Vati UK Stocks

Pack size
120 Tablets per box (30 tablets x 4 foil strips)

PLEASE NOTE: Divya have now rebranded their packaging and marked their box as being "Extra Power". If you are familiar with the earlier red packaging, please be assured you are getting the EXACT same product. Divya have simply changed the outer packaging.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current unpresidented times we have had difficulty importing Mukta Vati from Patanjali, India due to India's strict lockdown and exports being limited. Due to the additonal charges that have been imposed on us during these unpresidented times, we have unfortunatly had to increase our prices; but we are pleased to inform you that we have managed to aquire major stocks, but unfortunatly at a slightly higher price which is reflected in our pricing below.

Please take advantage of our FREE shipping option below for 4 packs, which works out as £14.93 per pack. FREE Worldwide Delivery.

1 x Divya Mukta Vati Box

120 Tablets
2 x Divya Mukta Vati Boxes (Save 5%)

240 Tablets
3 x Divya Mukta Vati Boxes (Save 10%)

360 Tablets
4 x Divya Mukta Vati Boxes (Save 15%)

480 Tablets

BEST VALUE £11.04 each
FREE Worldwide shipping from U.K.

Swami Ramdev Mukta Vati UK Stocks
Swami Ramdev Mukta Vati UK Stocks

Product Description

Swami Ramdev Divya Mukta Vati is a popular supplement for High Blood Pressure. The proven ingrendients of Mukta Vati are from ancient texts of ayurveda. In western medicine world, it is believed that there is no effective cure available for high blood pressure. However, this innovative herbal product is is giving hope to millions that suffer from BP. This effective herbal product is claimed to be highly useful in lowering your blood pressure even if you use it merely 4-5 days. It is recommended to use this herbal product regularly if one wants to get rid of high blood pressure / Hypertension.

Benefits of Divya Mukta Vati

This herbal supplement for anxiety really works well for anxiety and hypertension. Hypertension usually occurs because of the irregularity in the vata doshas. This gives birth to emotional problems, stress, depression, circulatory and metabolic problem strains and tension in mind. high blood pressure have some symptoms such as stress, erratic pulse, anxiety, worry, behavior, flushed face, tiredness, sensitivity to light, edema , severe headaches and high cholesterol. Besides the patient has slow blood circulation. This disease can cause stroke as it pave a way to the inadequate oxygen to the brain. To deal with hypertension, this herb is the best possible way. There is no chance of side effect as this is an herbal way and no herbal way or medicine causes any side effects.

Type of consumption with dosage

if you take 160/100 mhg and you are using allopathic medicine or products then it is suggested that you go for 1 or two tablets. This consumption could be thrice a day. One before dinnertime, one before launch and one before breakfast. Have the herb product with a glass of pure and fresh water. If you take 140/190mmhg, in this case you should go for 1-2 unit of this divya mukta vati treatment. This could be twice a day. One prior to having dinner and the other one is just before breakfast.


If you want to chew it than you can do it or if you want to swallow this muktavati than you can do this and take some water. The latter one is more effective. After taking treatment, when your high blood pressure comes to normal level you should consider stopping your allopathic product or treatment. You should get used to in breathing exercise along with taking this treatment. This is very good for your health and in reducing blood pressure.

Diet Plan

You should avoid diet having very oily, heavy and spicy food. This type of diet causes high blood pressure and many other problems to your health. It also gives rise to high cholesterol. Here you should consider taking light for and meal that digest very easily. Have plenty of water for your health. This is obviously a god practice suggested by many health experts. In morning, you should take two to three glasses of water. This is beneficial for your digesting system. Add fresh vegetable and healthy fruit to your diet plan.

Side effects

As this product is completely herbal and natural, it has no side effects.


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